Some people may believe that all hotels change the bedroom and bathroom linens in each of their rooms on a daily basis. However, although it used to be that many hotels would automatically change sheets and towels each day, this is no longer the case.

Although most hotels, of course, still change linens when the occupancy of a room change, hotel linen change policies during an occupancy now vary between different hotels. For example, the Hilton Amsterdam Hotel changes linen in its rooms every three days (unless asked otherwise), whereas the Sands Resort Hotel in Cornwall changes linen when a guest requests it.

Hotels have gone towards a change in policy for two main reasons. Firstly, it allows hotels to help save the earth, as there is an environmental cost in washing sheets and towels every day. Secondly, it allows hotels to save some money, which can then be spent on improving amenities for guests elsewhere.

However, while a lot of hotels with new linen change policies will still allow guests to request a daily change of sheets, is changing sheets every day something you should do at home?

Advantages of changing bed linens every day

If you have used your bed for other things during the day, such as having breakfast in bed or snacking while reading a book, then it can be quite hard to know that the bed is going to be completely clean when it is time to use it for sleep (that is, if you can sleep).

Another advantage is that you can be sure that the bed you are sleeping in is completely free of bugs that may crawl in during the day, such as bedbugs, moths and spiders.

There is also the nice crisp feeling that sleeping on clean linens can provide, which should help promote restful sleep.

Disadvantages of changing bed linens every day

There is also the nice crisp feeling that sleeping on clean linens can provide, which should help promote restful sleep. Of course, one of the main problems of changing linens every day is the time investment. If you, or members of your family, struggle to make the bed then stripping and putting on new sheets every day could be very difficult.

There is also the cost investment. Not only is it costly to wash sheets, but you may need to have a set of spare sheets on hand, in case something goes unexpectedly wrong in the washing process, such as a tumble dryer suddenly refusing to work, or in case you can’t get all sheets clean and dried within a day.

Furthermore, by washing sheets every day, you may be impacting negatively your carbon footprint.

Advice for Linen Change:

If you wear pyajamas to bed, some experts recommend changing your bed sheets once a week. This can allow for a great and clean feeling bed with little time investment when compared to changing sheets every single day or even every three days. While a spare set of bedding is on your bed, the old bedding can be washed and placed either on a washing line (for free, environmentally-friendly drying) or in a tumble dryer.

After cleaning and drying, you then have to iron the sheets to make sure they are crisp on your bed. This ironing process can also use up electricity, adding to the cost both to your bank account and to the environment. One way to remove this step is to purchase King of Cotton’s easy care bed linen, which has been designed to take time out of the washing process by reducing the ironing needed.

With all of these tasks for changing your bedding, you may find it hard to motivate yourself to change your sheets. A top tip is to find two different bedspreads that you like. This way, you can give yourself motivation by seeing the time to change the sheets as an opportunity to vary between two different looks.

Even using these tricks, you could find it difficult to enact the old-style of hotel linen change in your home. As long as you keep your beds clean otherwise and wear pyjamas, changing bed sheets every week (as recommended above) should be fine for most people.

If you have a Monday to Friday working week, it may be best to change your sheets every weekend. This allows you to start a new week of work feeling as relaxed and clean as possible, while also allowing you to make sure you have the time to wash and iron your bedding.

If your work schedule is irregular, finding the time to change your sheets even once a week could be difficult. In situations where you never know when your next block of free time will be, it may be best to have more than one spare set of bed sheets in case you run out of time to complete the washing process before the next changeover.

However, no matter what schedule you decide to take for washing your linen, or when you decide to do it, the full King of Cotton range will allow you to have a comfortable bed, all the time.