How to get a good night's sleep

The quality of your sleep can really impact not only your night but your day. Sleeping well can help you to wake up feeling refreshed, revitalised, and ready to take on whatever challenges your day throws at you. However, a bad night's sleep can ruin your day and leave you feeling unwell and unproductive.

In this modern world, there are more distractions than ever that keep you awake and not getting the sleep you deserve. But how do you slow down, recharge, and get the good night's sleep you need? Read our tips and tricks for getting a better night's sleep and wake up to a better tomorrow!

Calming colours

Believe it or not, it matters what colour your bedroom is. A bright red or yellow bedroom is not the most calming colour you can have in your room. A bright green might look beautiful in the morning sun, but it does not give off sleepy time vibes. When looking to decorate your bedroom to promote sleep, you want cosy colours that make you feel calm and dreamy.

Lovely lavender is relaxing but won't overwhelm your senses, or opt for a gentle sea blue to rock you to a good night's rest. Tranquil white is always a good choice for minimalist homes, and you can easily match your favourite calm colour palette with a range of cotton bedspreads and throws for a complementary style.

Beautiful Bedding

Old, worn-out bedding does not promote a lovely night's sleep. You won't rest well if your bedding is bobbly - it also doesn't help if it is busily patterned. The last thing you see at night should be a minimal pattern, if any. Opt for sumptuous Egyptian cotton bed linen that will keep you cool when you need and warm when you want to be.

Goose feather down duvets provide a hotel-quality cosiness in the winter months, while cotton duvets are cooler for the summertime. Whatever your personal preference, your bedding should feel high quality and like a treat so you want to put your laptop down and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Dreamy Downtime

An important way to get a good night's sleep is to create your own bedtime routine. This means setting a regular time that you go to bed, and aiming for an amount of sleep that is beneficial to you - usually between seven and nine hours. But it isn't just the sleep itself that matters, it's what you do beforehand.

Set aside an hour before bed that you reserve for winding down. This means switching off the TV and putting down your devices - no checking social media! Blue screens interfere with sleep, so an hour where you just listen to calm music, read a book, or take a bath and dry off with your Egyptian cotton towels, will help you to get into the mood to rest. Sip a mug of chamomile tea and burrow down into bed with some relaxing music and, if you really struggle to switch off and drift off, a weighted blanket to help you sleep deeply.

Sleepy Scents

Still not feeling ready for bed? Add some slumbersome scents to your bedroom. There are some fragrances that promote calm and bring down your blood pressure and heart rate, giving you a better chance of getting some quality rest.

Using a diffuser with lavender, chamomile or vanilla is a great idea for giving your room a very calming space that appeals to every single sense.

Are you yawning yet? With these sleepy suggestions, we hope you get the good night's sleep that you need. Stretch out, switch off, and enjoy a dreamy night.