Egyptian Cotton
Vs Turkish Cotton?

For many consumers in the market for sheets or towels, the question of whether Egyptian or Turkish cotton is best is an important one. However, coming up with a definitive answer can be problematic. Most experts on linens agree that it all depends on the use of the items made with the cotton and the preferences of the individual.

Let's take a closer look at Egyptian cotton

This type of cotton is well known for its highly absorbent nature -making it perfect for use as material for the manufacture of towelling, as well as sheets and clothing. However, buyers of towels need to be aware that that high absorbency rate means that towels may take longer to dry. it may be a case of too much, rather than too little. They can also present challenges when used in climates boasting high humidity - then tend to absorb the moisture from the air. The reason for this is the thread length of Egyptian cotton - which has a greater surface area than Turkish cotton - meaning that it can absorb water more easily. Sometimes this can be a boon for those using Egyptian cotton sheets on a hot summer's night.

About Turkish cotton

Turkish cotton, on the other hand, can provide that perfect balance between absorbency and texture which is so valued by consumers. This makes it ideal for use in the manufacture of towels. It dries much more quickly then Egyptian cotton. It is also renowned for the fact that it actually becomes softer and more absorbent after numerous washes. It is perfect for those in search of a lighter material that is also quick drying. This makes it the perfect material for beach towels and for use in areas where humidity can be an issue.