Egyptian Cotton Towels VS. Regular Towels

When searching for the right towel, you'll hear a lot of talk about the types of fabric, types of cotton, GSM and other terms you may not be overly familiar with. This guide should tell you everything you need to know. Standard towels may come in polycotton, polyester or cotton but if you're looking for luxury, Egyptian Cotton towels are the most popular and the gold standard for high-luxury hotels and spas.

So what's all the fuss about? Here's a simple overview of all the factors working together to create these amazingly soft and special towels.

EGYPTIAN Cotton Towels


Egyptian Cotton towels are incredibly absorbent, due to the unique composition of the Egyptian cotton plant. The Egyptian Cotton plant (Gossypium barbadense) differs from regular cotton plants in that the Egyptian fibres, or staples, are much longer compared to regular cotton fibres. Those fibres produce threads that are thinner but stronger than regular cotton, allowing more liquid absorbing loops per inch. More threads of Egyptian Cotton can be woven into each square inch which results in a denser yet softer fabric with more absorption power, providing a much more absorbent towel than regular cotton towels.


All towels have different fabric weights. The term you'll see used to express this is GSM (grams per square inch), which refers to the amount of cotton the towel is composed of. The larger the GSM, the denser the towel. Towels generally range from 300 - 900 GSM with luxury towels starting at 500 GSM. Since Egyption Cotton strands are thinner than regular cotton, more strands can be woven into a smaller area, creating that luxurious, ultra-soft and fluffy feel you find when using high-end hotel towels and spa towels.


Unlike regular cotton towels, Egyptian Cotton towels become better with age. They last for several years and due to their unique makeup, they become softer and fluffier the more they're used. Although Egyptian Cotton can be a little more expensive than regular cotton towels, considering the quality, comfort and high durability, you would be hard pressed to find a better value for your money.

Washing instructions

Wash using a water temperature of 40° - 60° C, with regular laundry detergent and no fabric softeners. As with all natural products, your towel will feel a little coarse and stiff at first but will become softer the more it is washed. Since Egyptian Cotton is a natural fibre, shrinking during the first wash is inevitable but to minimise the impact, tumble dry at a cooler temperature and on a gentle setting. Add some dryer balls to get your towel extra soft and fluffy. If your towel is a darker colour, any excess dye will seep out and potentially affect the other pieces in your wash, so make sure to wash on it's own the first time. It is best to keep your towel separate from any zippers, buttons or buckles so as not no pull at the fibres. If you do notice a loose thread, simply snip it off.