Creating a cosy christmas

With 2020 seeing us spending more time in our houses than we normally would, it is more important than ever that we make it a cosy space that we want to relax in. While we might have cut corners with Christmas decor and winter accessories in previous years, this is the year to go all out. There are many ways you can work to create a cosy Christmas and we have put together some of our favourites...

1. Invest In Some Cosy Bedding

When it is cold and rainy outside, there is no better thing to invest in that some really cosy bedding. After all, the festive season calls for long days spent curled up in bed with a Christmas film and hot chocolate. There are so many ways you can make your bed comfortable, from Egyptian cotton bed linen to cotton bedspreads and throws, cotton duvets or goose feather down duvets. Have a think about which you prefer and don't be afraid to spend a little more - you want something that is good quality and nice and soft.

2. Get Some New Throws

You may not always want to drag your duvet down to your sofa when you want a chill day, but you will probably want a blanket to snuggle under. If this is the case, shop for some new throws. Chunky knit is the perfect choice for winter and will add a cosy, Nordic vibe to the room too. You can get special Christmas ones or just get generic throws that will last you long after the Christmas tree has been taken down.

3. Don't Forget The Festive Scents

Another way to make your home extra cosy this Christmas is by choosing some festive scents. Candles are the perfect way to add cosiness, warmth and delicious scents to a room. There are so many smells to choose from and in the winter you can find many cosy scents such as red berry, mulled wine and chocolate. Other ways you can add scent to your home and really imbue it with a cosy and festive feel, is with reed diffusers or scented plants. You can purchase scented twigs to put in a vase, or winter plants like a poinsettia. These will both add colour and personality while also adding a real homely finish.

4. Switch Up The Colour Scheme

Summer calls for light and neutral colour schemes, while in winter you will want something much warmer and inviting. Swap your sofa cushions and blankets for those that are more festive. You can get special Christmas ones, or just switch the light whites and pastel shades for deep berry hues. Invest in large Egyptian cotton towels for the bathroom - you will appreciate it when stepping out of a bath and into the cool winter air. You could also get some festive tea towels, a Christmas themed door mat and drape fairy lights around picture rails.