Caring for egyptian cotton

Used in luxury five-star hotel bedrooms and found in some of the best bathrooms in the world, Egyptian cotton is an interior designer's dream. Egyptian cotton bed linen and towels are some of the softest you'll find and the fabric has a high thread count that is breathable, light and strong. Egyptian cotton comes from the Gossypium Barbadense plant, a different plant from which regular cotton is spun. Its long fibres and thin yet sturdy yarn are what make it extra sumptuous and superior to standard cotton bedspreads and throws. Better still, this high-quality fabric lasts longer than others, washes extremely well and stays incredibly soft. An investment that breathes both opulence and everyday comfort, our guide to caring for Egyptian cotton will ensure your bed sheets and towels stand the test of time for years to come.

washing your egyptian cotton bed linen

You've experienced a blissful night's sleep wrapped in goose feather down duvets. Your new Egyptian cotton sheets keep you cool at night, regulate your temperature and always feel super soft against your skin. But how should you wash them to keep them in top condition? If Egyptian cotton sheets or Egyptian cotton duvets have heavy stains on them, use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar pre-wash or a specialist stain solution for smaller marks. The best wash to use is a cool and gentle cycle of 40 degrees. Separate dark sheets from light sheets before loading the machine because Egyptian cotton is super absorbent and will pick up any other dyes. An extra rinse cycle at the end of the wash will ensure that any detergent is fully disintegrated. After washing, you can either tumble dry on a low setting or leave to air dry to keep the cotton's natural scent. If you use the tumble dryer, iron the sheets on a low heat setting whilst still damp.

Washing your egyptian cotton towels

Egyptian cotton towels will always outlast their regular cotton counterparts and will wrap you in a silky soft cocoon after a shower or a bath. To begin with, they will feel slightly coarser than a regular cotton towel but washing before the first use works to soften their long and plush fibres. Egyptian cotton towels also come in slightly larger sizes than an ordinary towel because on that first wash you can expect up to 5% shrinkage. Unlike most towels, Eqyptian cotton will get softer the more that you wash it. The secret to softness is to not use fabric conditioner, as it can break down the fibres in the cotton and make your towels feel stiff. Instead, simply wash on a cool, gentle cycle and leave to air dry. The more you wash them, the fluffier they will become.

Extra tips for fluffy towels and silky smooth bed linen

Wash all your Egyptian cotton separately to any other items. This will prevent zips or buttons scratching the fabric. Use only half the amount of laundry detergent you usually would to minimise any chemical damage to the cotton fibres and skip fabric conditioner altogether. We also advise using a gentle detergent that is not silicone-based, so it does not repel water or reduce absorbency.

The beauty of Egyptian cotton is that it is super absorbent, long-lasting and exceptionally soft. Luxury hotels opt for Egyptian cotton because it washes so well and rarely needs replacing. Choosing high-quality Egyptian cotton for your own home is a sure-fire route to better quality sleep, fluffier bath towels and an investment that saves you money in the long run.