An Easy to use & Quality Shower

After a long journey of planes, buses and walking what feels like miles, all you want is a rejuvenating hot shower. However, some hotels don't seem to be on the same page, as they insist on installing showers that require a PHD in science & mathematics to work. And when you do get it running, the water pressure is incredibly disappointing. All we want is a hot shower that runs at the press of a single button.


When you're packing for a trip away, the things people most often forget are toiletries. So it is a great relief when they look in their hotel room bathroom to find tiny toiletries of shampoo, soap, toothpaste and conditioner. When you're away from home you still want to look your best and these teeny tiny bottles definitely help.

black out curtains

When booking a hotel room, one of your main thoughts is looking forward to a good & peaceful nights sleep. Perhaps you've endured a long flight and need to recharge your batteries with a couple of mid-afternoon hours of sleep. Hopefully the room will have blackout curtains installed, ensuring that any bright light is blocked out, allowing you to drift off to sleep peacefully.

wardrobe hangers

Perhaps you're staying over in a hotel because you've got an important business meeting in the morning or a big job interview in the afternoon. Whatever the occasion, you will want to hang your suit and shirt up to avoid them becoming wrinkled. So what we need for that are a few hangers that are easy to use – we aren't massive fans of those that are impossible to prise away from the bar, surely no one is going to steal them.

complimentary wi-fi

Despite the amount of technology now available to us, one of the biggest gripes hotel guests have is still having to pay for Wi-Fi. After spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a luxury hotel room, it is extremely frustrating to find out there is an additional charge to browse the internet or catch-up on a few emails. If Wi-Fi was completely free, all the guests would be much happier.

a safe

When you're travelling around the country or the world on business or on your annual holiday, you will almost certainly have packed some extremely valuable items – passport, camera, money, smartphone, laptop. So when you enter the room you will want to see a safe in the wardrobe. These safes really do provide guests with peace of mind and allow them to remain relaxed & enjoy their stay.

power outlets

Considering every person in the world (especially travelling businessmen) spend hours glued to their smartphones, laptops & tablets each day, it is vitally important that hotel room power outlets are positioned close to the bed, so they're easy to reach. If we want to do a bit of research or make a call, the last thing we want to be doing is standing in the corner of the room, because the only plug is next to the lamp.

an abundance of towels

There is nothing more frustrating that stepping out of the shower and finding yuou only have one towel to use. We like to have the ability to choose from an abudance of options, that are different sizes & sometimes even different textures (Egyptian cotton towels come to mind). We enjoy having fresh towels & cosy bathrobes waiting for us, when we come back in after a long day.

free bottled water

The importance of free bottles of water are something that should never be underestimated. In many places around the world the tap water is not always safe to drink, to bottled water is a saving grace. However, some hotels are known to take advantage of that and charge per bottle – all we want is to see a couple of fresh bottles of water on our bedside table every morning, free of charge.
So next time you check into a hotel room, take a good look around and see if yours has all of the items mentioned above – you may be pleasantly surprised.

And of course there are always extra bonuses in hotel rooms that you may not have been expecting – perhaps your bedspreads consisted of Egyptian cotton bedding & Egyptian cotton sheets. So if you can count off the nine mandatory things plus a couple of extra bonus perks, you're in for a great stay.