Don't Make Requests in Advance

If you're a pernickety traveller, like having certain things in your room or a particular room with a view, this may seriously affect your chances of getting a free upgrade. If you make specific room requests in advance, the hotel are more likely to assign you a specific room. But if you don't mention anything at all in advance, you'll probably have a room assigned at the desk when you arrive – that's the time to try your luck with the free room upgrade.


Choose Your Timing Carefully

Timing is everything here! If you want to improve your chances dramatically, make sure you stay when the hotel is experiencing a quieter time. So you could travel during off-peak times, in the middle of the week or away from the major holiday seasons. The perfect time to arrive is between 6-7pm, as more rooms are now empty & available, which puts you in an ideal position to ask about an upgrade.


a short stay

If you're only staying for the night, rather than a two week break, you have a far better chance of enjoying the luxuries of a room upgrade. The hotel may be more inclined to grant you a night in a lap of luxury, as they know you'll have checked out by 11am the next morning, and they can sell the room at full price again the very next day.


be pleasant

This is a really obvious one! Just by simply being pleasant, polite, nice, smiling and treating the staff with respect, will make a great first impression. Now don't go overboard with any cheesy chat-up lines, just stick to the basic pleasantries and you could very well be rewarded with a free room upgrade.


do something in return

Since you're asking the hotel staff to do you a favour, why don't you repay the favour with one of your own. To improve your chances of getting that free room upgrade, why not tip big at the restaurants, praise the staff if you bump into the hotel manager, recommend the hotel to friends and family or do some positive posts on social media.


something or someone special

If you're staying in the hotel to celebrate your recent wedding anniversary, your honeymoon or perhaps a landmark birthday, it's definitely worth mentioning subtlety, as staff are more obliging with customers who are there to celebrate.
Alternatively if you enjoy a celebrity status or are someone important in the community (a well-respected doctor, successful businessman, etc), use your importance to unlock the door to a free
room upgrade.


speak the

If the hotel is in a foreign country, making the effort to try and speak some of the local language will go down great with the staff at the front desk. Even if you only know 'hello' or a few common words, staff will like that you've made the effort, and be more inclined to reward you for your language endeavour.


just ask

You lose nothing by asking, and this principle is definitely relevant when it comes to securing that free upgrade. This is where being as
specific as possible actually comes in handy – faster wi-fi connection, a mini-fridge, a bigger room, a sea view or perhaps a nicer bathroom – these perks are generally always available in the
better suites, and by telling staff exactly what you want, they may
actually be able to accommodate you and your fancy tastes.