The British weather has well and truly turned. The rain, sleet, snow, freezing conditions and wind have hit the country and banished 'the summer' to a distant memory in the mind. So with all the nasty weather surrounding you, it's not unusual for your thoughts to wonder about enjoying a winter get-away & some winter sun.

So with that in mind, we scoured the globe and considered everything – exotic flavours, beaches, high-altitude pampering, friendly locals, exquisite culture & great sights – to bring you the 11 best locations for a winter get-away & banish those wintertime blues!


If it's beautiful buildings, fabulous fashion and amazing food you want, then Milan is the trip for you. You can start your day with a tour of some of the most beautiful buildings & pieces of art in the city, including the Cathedral of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II & the Castello Sforzesco.

You can spend your afternoon shopping to your heart's content in the many high-end fashion boutiques, before enjoying some fine wine & dining in one of Milan's famous restaurants.


If you want to swap the snow and ice for blue sea waters and the feel of sand between your toes, the Florida Keys is the ideal location. The three locations that are an absolute must-visit out there are Smathers Beach, Key West & Key Largo. So whether you're after a quiet beach spot to read a book, some coral reef diving or fancy improving your water sports skills, there's really no better destination than the Florida Keys!


As you might expect, Nice is something of a hot spot during the summer months, but what you might not know is that the French Riviera is fascinating throughout winter. Whatever your tastes, there's guaranteed to be something for you – skiing in the hills, a great spot for culture vultures, the superb Picasso Museum, more art galleries that you know what to do with & you can explore the fantastic, famous film festival area of Cannes.

st lucia

St Lucia, in the Caribbean, really does have everything you want for a perfect holiday. While it's snowing and raining back home, you could be enjoying the picturesque beauty of the iconic Pitons, the superb skyline, a tranquil boat journey through paradise, snorkelling with colourful ocean life or embark on a treetop canopy adventure!


If you want a winter-get away but really love the snow, then Aspen, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is the trip for you. The breath-taking ski slopes are absolutely extraordinary and offer challenging, yet fun routes, that are perfect for everyone, whether you're a beginner or a master of the slopes.

You can spend all day making fresh tracks down the crisp white mountains, and then relax on an evening in the toasty and welcoming bars, pubs & restaurants .


If it's a taste of culture that you'd like to warm you this winter, you should head to the gorgeous city of Vienna. The Austrian capital is home to some of the most awe-inspiring museums and collections of art, music & history in Europe. A definite must-visit is the Mozarthaus Vienna, a museum dedicated to the life & art of world famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This really is the place to become overwhelmed with culture!


Despite the freezing temperatures, London is still an incredible place to spend a few days this winter. You can enjoy the London ice rinks, the brilliant Winter Wonderland, the Winter Festival, celebrating the New Year in London with an extraordinary firework display, and of course you can indulge in as many museums, theatrical performances & underground cinema clubs as you can possibly muster.


As you might have come to expect, Dubai has everything you could possibly want from a get-away, in the winter or summer. The great thing about Dubai is that it only really has two seasons – hot & then hotter! Winter is a great time to enjoy a trip to the Middle-East, as you can relax and soak up some sun & swim in the crystal clear waters at the beautiful Jumeirah Beach.

Make sure you have your cameras at the ready to capture the perfect blue skies, perfect beaches, and of course some of the area's outstanding structures.

lake bled

Nestled away in the stunning Julian Alps of Slovenia is the wonderful Lake Bled. Located in the middle of Lake Bled, is an idyllic cliff-top castle, island church & the Grand Hotel Toplice. Once you're on the wondrous island you can enjoy delicious local food & wines, as you look out across the beautiful frozen lake, which resembles a scene from a romantic ballet performance.


Barcelona is a great destination for a winter get-away, simply because it's a tad warmer than most places in Europe, this time of year. As well as the welcoming sign of the sun, the winter months also see the arrival of some show-stopping events, including Kings Day in January, The Calcotada traditional feast in February & the
Candy Festival in March.

And if that isn't enough you can also catch a glimpse of the Barcelona FC superstars – an evening spent watching the likes of Messi, Suarez & Neymar will be a great occasion.


Leaving the British winter behind to indulge in the Australian summer sounds like a perfect idea – and you can understand why! With temperatures upward of 25c, surfing in crystal clear oceans & huge waves, stunning city architecture to marvel at, fascinating wildlife, and in certain years watching the English take on the Aussies as they battle it out on the cricket pitch for the Ashes.

So when the first snow of the season starts to fall in Britain, just remember it's not too late to book that winter get-away - the options really are endless. You could spend a few days in January soaking up the sun or embarking on an adventure in any of the wonderful places mentioned above, before heading back to your hotel and relaxing in the comfort of your Egyptian cotton sheets, Egyptian cotton bedding, Egyptian cotton towels, and fluffy bathrobes.