Executive Piped Cotton Waffle Bathrobe

Executive Piped Cotton Waffle Bathrobe

Children's Terry Towelling Poncho

Children's Terry Towelling Poncho

Children's Pure Cotton Bathrobe with Hood

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Made from premium quality Turkish Cotton Terry towelling (400 gsm) , we have designed this robe with a shawl collar and a hood in three vibrant colours.

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Size chart

Made from premium quality cotton terry towelling with pockets and a hood, we have designed this robe in Kimono style 3/4 length for extra comfort, with a shawl collar and hood.

Available for ages 2 to 13 Please see our size chart for details.

Made from 100% Cotton with a weight of 360gsm (Grams per square metre) Please note that all our Kids bathrobes are 3/4 length.

(Please note that embroidery may prolong delivery by up to 5 working days).

The 2 to 3 year old size can only be embroidered on the back.

Bathrobe sizes are estimates after shrinkage in a wash and will vary by around +/-5% depending on the wash cycle used.

When washing, remove the belts to avoid damaging the belt loops.

Any towelling fabric needs to be treated carefully. Don't use fabric conditioner in the wash. This can adversely affect absorbency, making it harder for you to dry yourself after a bath or shower. If you really insist on it, use just a few drops, and even then, it's better to use it only every other wash.

To keep your bathrobes soft and fluffy, run them through the tumble dryer. Keep the heat low, to stop shrinkage from being a problem. Either add dryer balls or, if you don't have them, throw a couple of tennis balls into the dryer with your towels or robes. This is a great way of keeping that delicious cosy fluffy texture wash after wash! Never dry clean these products, as it can ruin the texture irreversibly.

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