Guide To Bed Linen

A Complete Guide To Bed Linen One of the most important factors for hotel guests is enjoying a good night’s sleep. Whether your establishment offers five-star luxury or the cosy familiarity of a guest house, comfortable hotel bedding is a priority. The beds themselves should be in excellent condition, but you’ll ultimately be judged on... Read more »

A Complete Guide To
Bed Linen

One of the most important factors for hotel guests is enjoying a good night’s sleep. Whether your establishment offers five-star luxury or the cosy familiarity of a guest house, comfortable hotel bedding is a priority. The beds themselves should be in excellent condition, but you’ll ultimately be judged on the quality of your bed linen.

Guests look for cleanliness, a brand-new appearance and a comfort that’s blissfully snug, but how can you as a hotel business owner ensure you supply your guests with the bedding of dreams? With this guide, you can find everything you need to know about perfecting your guests night’s sleep with our expert advice on bed linen.

How To Choose The Right Bed Linen

The best hotel bedding is a substantial investment to help ensure your guests the perfect night’s sleep during their stay. Each room in your hotel or guest house should typically require at least two sets of linen per bed, combining highly durable fabric, a luxurious texture and elegant styling. But to further enhance your hotel’s reputation, it should consistently wash to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

An ideal material is cotton, traditionally chosen for its soft, flexible texture, reliable longevity and excellent performance. Cotton, gossypium in Latin, is a crop that has been grown since antiquity. It’s a main crop in India, America, Brazil and many other countries, but the most prized is Egyptian cotton.

Why Choose Egyptian Cotton?

Cotton is a native plant of Egypt, but it wasn’t cultivated for fabric until 1821 when Monsieur Jumel of France realised its potential. The heat of the Egyptian summers and the rich, moist soil of the River Nile flood plain provided the perfect conditions for growing cotton in abundance. Remarkably, when the cotton was harvested in September and October, the fibres were superior to those of cotton grown in other countries.

Egyptian cotton contains long staples or fibres, and they consistently measure between 3.8 centimetres and 4.4 centimetres. By comparison, the length of other long staple cotton fibres is only 1.5 centimetres to 2.5 centimetres. When Egyptian cotton is spun, it results in a much stronger yarn with high flexibility and softness. It’s why our high quality Egyptian cotton bed linen combines durability with a consistent performance.

What Is The Best Quality Bed Linen?

Superior cotton bedding relies on the density of the thread count, and is woven on looms with horizontal weft threads and vertical warp threads. A higher density of threads in a square inch means a closely finished weave, resulting in high-quality bedding. Many standard sheets only achieve a thread count of up to 180, and thread counts of 200 or more are considered to be of a reliable, higher quality.

In our collection, we have excellent Egyptian cotton bedlinen with 200 and 300 thread counts that is durable and supremely comfortable. It’s a perfect choice for hotels or guest houses that want to combine luxurious comfort with economy. Many of our Egyptian cottons have thread counts of 400 and 550, but for the ultimate luxury, we have beautiful hotel bedding with counts of 800 and 1,000 threads per inch, which are highly durable products and super soft with a lustrous texture.

How To Style Cotton Bed Linen

You’ll find the King of Cotton collection is embellished with discreet edgings in several colours including gold and silver. But you can add a unique style to your hotel’s bedding through different weaves, finishes and subtle colours. Our range of high quality bed linen can be styled in a number of ways to achieve a clean and fresh look for your guests, but what exactly are the different weaves available for your new look?


Percale is a simple weave with single, interlocking warp and weft threads that has a beautiful and elegant look in any room. As it gradually becomes even softer with use, this is the perfect option for hotels and guest houses with regular guests looking for a comfortable night’s sleep. We have a range of percale weave cotton bed linen with a typically dense texture that’s extremely hard-wearing, so your guests can make the most out of their stay!


Sateen is a popular weave comprising vertical warp threads covering two or more weft threads that produces fabric with different textures on each side. The lower surface has a matte finish, and the additional thread coverage on the upper surface reflects more light, creating a lustrous satin-like sheen. This style is super soft and fluid, providing a cosy and warm feel for every guest at your hotel.


The Jacquard technique was invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard in 1804. Each warp thread moves independently, creating fabric with a complex, integral pattern that doesn’t require dye. Our high quality bed linen collection includes bedspreads with this fashionable styling, meaning your guests can enjoy the super stylish and comfortable linen, contributing to an even better stay.


Also known as honeycomb, this weave features a series of symmetrical warp and weft threads that are raised around a recessed square of threads. The weave holds warm air yet it’s highly breathable making it a comfortable choice for our beautifully stylish cotton bedspreads and throws.


The intricate paisley pattern originated in Ancient Persia, but became widely popular in the nineteenth century. When printed onto cotton, the design provides additional interest for hotel bedding. If you are looking for bed linen that will make a statement, then the Paisley weave is the perfect addition to any room in your hotel or guest house.

How To Maintain Bed Linen Quality & Freshness

Cotton reliably holds its shape providing years of excellent service, and it is generally easy to maintain. Alternatively, choose our easy care bed linen of polyester and cotton blends for a soft and comfortable stay for every guest. They wash and dry with minimal creasing, while maintaining an elegantly smart appearance, so are a perfect option for any busy hotel or guest house.

Cotton bed linen is easily maintained as it only needs a wash of 40°C to destroy bacteria and germs. However, remember to only wash cotton bedlinen with cottons in the same colour, as other fibres can damage or discolour cotton. What’s more, is that cotton bedding doesn’t even need fabric conditioner, as cotton has a naturally soft texture that improves with use. Cotton bedding should also only need washing every seven to ten days, without any loss of quality.

You can easily keep your cotton bed linen from wrinkling, by drying it outdoors on a windy day to reduce any stubborn wrinkles, giving it a wonderful, fresh aroma. In wet weather, use a tumble drier on a moderately low heat setting. Ironing immediately also helps smooth out creases fairly quickly, meaning each room in your hotel can be ready for your guests in a matter of minutes!