Egyptian 300 Thread Sateen - Pillowcase - Grey Trim

Egyptian 300 Thread Sateen - Pillowcase - Grey Trim

Luxury Egyptian 1000 Thread Cotton Sateen - Pillowcase

Luxury Egyptian 1000 Thread Cotton Sateen - Pillowcase

Egyptian 500 Thread Cotton Sateen Micro-stripe - Pillowcase

We have developed these micro-stripe pillow cases from our luxury bed linen range for some of the world's Top Hotels. 

The micro stripe design is 0.5 cm wide.

Made from supremely high quality 500 thread count pure Egyptian cotton sateen, it feels exquisitely soft against your skin, drapes beautifully and has a lovely sheen.


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Fabric weight: 140g/m2

Woven with single ply, long staple 100% Egyptian cotton yarn.

How To Wash Egyptian Cotton

Keep Your Cotton Looking Its Best

Washing Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets and Linens

When it comes to washing your new items, don't turn the temperatures up too high. A cool wash of 40 degrees Celsius will keep your bedding looking its best. To stop colours from running, make sure to separate darks and lights before putting anything into the machine - and look out for rogue socks that could ruin everything!

One useful tip that you might not be aware of is to keep your Egyptian cotton away from other types of fabric. If you throw it into the washer alongside polyester, polycotton or acrylic fabrics, these fibres can cause aggravation. Your cotton could pill faster and look older after just a few washes. To avoid this, it's best to only wash cotton with cotton.

Egyptian cotton bedding can be tumble dried on a low setting. To keep it looking its best, take it out of the dryer right after the cycle is completed, and iron quickly, while it's still very slightly damp, before folding and putting away. You might find that your bedding lasts longer if you hang it out to dry. This is also an environmentally friendly option, and it can reduce creases, allowing you to cut down on ironing time.