Why does
my bedding go bobbly?

There is nothing quite like fresh, crisp bed linen to help your home look amazing.

One thing that can really prove frustrating though is when your bedding goes bobbly. This cannot only spoil the look of your bedroom but also see you having to spend more money on new linen to replace it. Unfortunately, bobbly bedding is something that many people have to endure! But why does this happen and what can you do to prevent it?

Regular use and washing over time
can be the issue

Probably the biggest factor in why your bedding goes bobbly after a while is the regular use and washing it gets. As with everything else in your home, the wear and tear bed linen gets from being used lots eventually has an impact. By the same token, washing your bedding regularly can also see the bobbling effect show up.

The reason behind bobbling is that fibres in the bedding material fray at the end over time when used or washed. These frayed ends then twist and tangle which gives the bobbling effect. Of course, no-one is suggesting that you stop washing your bedding or never use it! There are, however, some steps we will look at later to ensure bobbling is kept to a minimum or avoided for as long as possible.

The material your bedding is made
from plays its part

Next to usage and washing, the material that your bedding is made from is an important factor. Put simply, some materials, like wool or synthetics, have a greater tendency to bobble over time. While wool can see some reduction in bobbling as the fibres detangle over the years, synthetic linen usually does not as the strong fibres it is made from keep hold of pills.

How can you avoid your bedding
going bobbly?

The first thing you can do happens when you buy your bedding initially. As above, what your linen is made from plays a huge part - so make sure to buy the right kind. 100% Egyptian cotton bed linen is widely regarded as the best choice. This is because the fabric itself is less inclined to bobble due to the fibre length and will stay looking amazing for a long time. It is also wise to look at the thread count of any bedding you buy. A higher thread count is best as this means the linen is less likely to pull.

But what other tips around pilling could you take on-board? Some choose to wash their linen inside out to negate the high temperatures this subjects it to which could damage fibres. For similar reasons, you could also choose to line dry your bedding if possible. Some laundry detergents now also contain enzymes which help to remove pills when linen is washed - you could also give this a go if you like.

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