One of the better things about going on holiday is that it allows people to relax and sleep. Of course, at King of Cotton, we believe that one of the best ways to help you drift off into a restful slumber at home is to have the most comfortable bed possible, but there are also other techniques to help you drift off into an easy sleep.

Keep a notebook by your bed

Some people say that they have issues sleeping because they keep thinking about the events of the day, any problems that they may have, or things they have got to do the next day. One way to solve this problem is to keep a notebook underneath your pillow. If you do have any thoughts, you can quickly scribble them down. Writing thoughts down like this has helped many people to get the thoughts out of their heads so they can drift off to sleep.

Set a time to go to sleep and stick to it

 Another issue is inadequate scheduling. The demands of life make it very easy to put off sleep until much later on in the evening. Weekends or days off are especially problematic because not only are people likely to go to bed even later, there is also the tendency for people to change the time of their morning alarms. Trying to set consistent times for both going to sleep and waking up can get your body into a routine and can give you more energy to do all those things for which you previously stayed up.

Use your bed only for sleeping

Furthermore, and this is a problem you will likely encounter a lot if your bed is covered in comfortable King of Cotton products, is that we tend to do things in our bed other than what our beds are designed for. For example, we may relax on a bed during the day, read a book in the bedroom, or even eat dinner in bed. This can be problematic as it makes your body think of your bed as a place where many activities happen rather than the one or two that beds are designed for. Making an effort to only use your bed when you are ready to sleep can help get your body back into associating the bed with that purpose only.

With the new emphasis on your bed being a place to sleep, you can move to the bath as a place to do your reading and relaxing. With the King of Cotton range of bath towels and bathroom robes you can make the bathroom as comfortable and as relaxing as your bedroom – who doesn’t enjoy a good read in the bath?! Using exquisite toiletries, such as our Taylor of London Bath and Shower Gel, you can help make the bathroom as luxurious as your King of Cotton bedroom.

If you are having severe sleep problems, it can also be worth contacting your GP. They can advise you on other techniques and make sure that your inability to sleep is not symptomatic of other issues.

Although there are many things you can do to try to get yourself to sleep, you should only try and focus on one or two at a time because your main focus should be on trying to get to sleep - not on the things you are doing, not doing, or could be doing.

As well as giving us more energy to do the things we want, having healthy sleep also may help you live for longer. Making sure that your bed and mattress supports your back properly may also help to prevent back problems.

When you are trying to find your ideal bed and bedding accessories, we would be happy to have you in one of our three Surrey Linen and Bed stores so you can feel the benefits of our range, both for your comfort and your health.