Spring Cleaning & Buying New

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to reevaluate any intentions set at the start of the year and a great opportunity to hit refresh inside the home. It's believed that spring cleaning dates back to the Iranian Nowruz and the celebration of the Persian new year which began on the first day of the new season. Their words for it, khaneh tekani, literally mean' shaking the house.' So, grab that Egyptian cotton bed linen and air it all out, purge things that no longer serve the house, buy new homeware to add practical and pretty value to your day-to-day living and give everything else a thoroughly deep clean.

Laundering and buying new

The easiest place to start spring cleaning is with the laundering. Start in the bedroom by gathering any cotton bedspreads or throws, move on to the drapes both here and in the living room and include any cushion slipcovers that need a refresh. This is a great time to invest in lighter goose feather down duvets or cotton duvets in 10.5 or 4.5 togs, that are not only breathable and soft but will give your home that luxury hotel feel.

Whilst the laundry is on, vacuum and turn the mattress, wash inside the wardrobes, dust the blinds and vacuum the sofas. Pull out all the furniture for a deep underneath clean and reorganise the closet by vacuum sealing heavy winter coats and jumpers that can be stored in the loft. In the bathroom, go through all your towels, discarding any stained or yellowing whites and replace any that are past their sell-by date with new Egyptian cotton towels.

Deep clean appliances

The kitchen is one of the heaviest traffic areas in the home that always attracts grime and dirt. This is the perfect opportunity to deep clean the fridge and freezer by washing the shelves and compartments, discarding old food and creating an organised system for everything new. Take it further by cleaning the hob, oven and dishwasher and degreasing the back of cabinets and splashbacks. Use lemon, salt and baking soda to clean cutting boards and be brutal by purging any unused appliances (think fondue sets and ice cream makers).

In the bathroom/laundry room, do the same deep clean with the washing machine and dryer and discard any expired medicines or skincare products. Mop the floors, unblock the drains and use glass cleaner on all the mirrors.

The forgotten corners

Take stock of often forgotten areas that will benefit from a thorough clean. Dust the crooks in blinds and the top of picture frames with an old sock. Clean windowsills, floorboards and baseboards. Sanitise kids' toys with soap and water and shred and recycle unneeded paperwork. Test and replace smoke alarms, sanitise light switches and fixtures and replace any bulbs that are broken.

New homeware to invest in

Spring is also a glorious time to invest in items that will breathe new life into your home. A few standout pieces can really change the look and feel of a room. Think high-quality, super-soft silk or cotton bedspreads and throws, an extraordinary piece of artwork, a statement-making console table or a bold and beautiful new lamp. The key to spring cleaning is not only getting things spic and span but also bringing in new items that allow you to express yourself in your home and give you joy going forwards.