Organic Living

There have been many health trends and lifestyle fads over the years, but one of the few important trends that have stayed with us is organic living. With a growing emphasis on clean living, healthy eating and responsible and sustainable purchasing, organic living has never been more important than right now.

We take a look at some of the best ways to live more organically at home, including growing your own vegetables, buying organic towels, and living a healthier lifestyle.

What does living
organically mean?

Living organically means to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. An organic lifestyle is much healthier for both yourself and for the environment than other, more traditional lifestyles might be. Organic living means cooking food that’s free of additives or unnatural chemicals; it means purchasing products ethically and using products that have been created in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Organic living can encompass a wide range of elements in your daily life, from food and cooking to cleaning and cosmetics.

One of the best ways to live an organic lifestyle is set up your own vegetable garden. If you have plenty of garden space, it’s easy to do, but even if you don’t have any soil, you can still grow vegetables in pots and bins in your backyard.
Growing your own vegetables will take a little learning, to begin with, but it’s a lot easier than people realise. You need to select good vegetables that are easy to grow, such as potatoes or carrots, before you graduate to more complicated produce. If these basic vegetables are a success, then you can start learning how to grow in greenhouses and learning which vegetables can be grown at different times of the year.
With your organic vegetables, you can then start preparing healthier, more organic food in your kitchen.

Growing your own
organic vegetables

Organic compost

Of course, one way to become more sustainable in your own home and at the same time contribute to your organic gardening efforts is to start your own compost. This takes little effort, and all you need is a compost tub or a composting area in your garden. You simply collect your food and garden waste and add it to the pile. Nature does the rest for you, disposing of your leftovers and giving you a compost to use as fertiliser.

But you don’t need to stop being organic when you leave the garden. You can be incredibly organic inside the house too, to live a more sustainable lifestyle. One area that’s often overlooked is the use of organic cotton towels, bedsheets and soft furnishings. We make use of essential items every day, and it’s easy these days to source them from ethical companies who use fair trade production methods and offer fair payment to the producers of the cotton and those who make the items you’ve purchased. As well as buying organic cotton towels, you can also start to buy organic cleaning products, cosmetic items and generally investing in products that use less packaging and produce less waste. All of this adds up to a much more organic lifestyle.

Organic lifestyles
in the home

From growing your own vegetables at home to using organic cotton towels in your day to day life, there are many different ways to live a more organic lifestyle. We’ve covered just a short section of this broad topic, and there are many more ways to be organic than we’ve outlined in this article.