Many of our customers like the fact that King of Cotton supplies leading hotels. After all, one of the nicer experiences of staying in a posh hotel is the quality of the bedding and towelling. And a further advantage for the homeowner is that with King of Cotton you get good quality products but at wholesale prices and much cheaper than on the High Street.

Another benefit is that King of Cotton is in touch with the new things happening in Spa Hotels and Health clubs. Because these venues plug into the whole ethos of health, beauty and wellbeing, the trends they are creating are often of interest to King of Cotton’s discerning, worldly and caring customers.

Organic towels and bedding is one area in which customers can express their concern for the environment. The King of Cotton range includes pure cotton organic bed linen and towels. These are created from 100% natural cotton from certified sources and guaranteed not to have any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers involved in their growth.

Allergies are a big issue these days, with up to one in three people suffering. A major cause of allergies is the dust mite and it is alarming to think that millions live in most beds.

There are some simple basic rules you can follow to keep the situation under control, such as pulling your bedding back during the day and when possible keeping the room well aired.

King of Cotton offers a number of products to ease the debilitating symptoms of allergies. The Microfibre Down-Feel Duvets are anti-allergenic, of very high quality and simply feel like duck down. The Microfibre range extends to anti-allergenic pillows to help sufferers experience a better night’s sleep. It is not surprising that many good hotels are switching to non-allergenic alternatives these days.

Another area of care is the use of modern towels and towelling that simply need less drying and therefore saves energy and the world’s resources. A good example of this is King of Cotton’s new range of towels and bathrobes, which are constructed in such a way that they feel incredibly soft and luxurious and yet are light to the touch. A big bonus is they dry easily without having to waste energy on tumble drying.

Have a good look through the website for healthy alternatives and remember to keep your bed and your bedroom well aired to keep those dust mites at bay.