Now that summer is in full swing, there's nothing worse than being hot and clammy while you're trying to get your 8 hours of beauty sleep. Given that air-con isn't usually a feature in homes across the UK, here are some top tips on keeping cool at night:

#1 Keep It Cotton

Try to avoid satin, silk and polyester bedding during the summer months. Try to opt for something more lightweight like cotton. Cottonbed linen is extremely breathable and will promote better airflow around the room.

#2 Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated throughout the day and try to drink a small glass of water before bed. A 250ml portion should be enough to prevent dehydration without causing unnecessary night time bathroom trips!

#3 Less is More

It might be useful to ditch the duvet and invest in some purecotton blankets and sheets to help regulate your body temperature quicker.

#4 Take a Cool Shower

Although it's tempting to jump into a hot bath after a long day at work, opt for a cool shower to keep your body temperature neutral before bed. Avoid freezing showers, they can overstimulate and make you feel more awake.

#5 Wear Pyjamas!

Contrary to popular belief, sleeping commando can actually make you feel hotter, due to sweat sitting on the skin. Wearing cotton pyjamas can help to eliminate this clammy feeling and help you to feel cooler whilst sleeping.

#6 Get Cold Feet

Your feet are one of the most heat-sensitive places on your body. Keep a bucket of cold water next to the bed and have a dip before you sleep and whenever you feel too hot during the night.

#7 Sleep Like an Egyptian

The "Egyptian Method” involves dampening your sheets or towels in cool water and using them as blankets. If this is a bit on the extravagant side for you, you could always just invest in some high quality Egyptiancotton bed linen!

#8 Switch Everything Off

Having electrical appliances plugged in and lights turned on give off a substantial amount of heat. Take advantage of the natural light during the summer months and keep lights and appliances turned off as much as possible.

Happy sleeping!