Getting Winter Ready

Winter is coming. And with it comes the annual promise of a cold, cold house. Unless you want to risk spending the next four months in a makeshift igloo, you're going to need to take steps to prepare your home.

The Bed

Your first focus should be your bed. Now, while mummifying yourself in layers is not a bad idea, it's as much about the 'what' as it is about the 'how many'. Egyptian cotton bed linen is the way to go, offering a level of luxury rivalled by few fabrics. It boasts the right balance of a smooth, creamy feel to it, while also offering a certain degree of warmth. Silk is another popular option due to it being naturally hypoallergenic and with enough insulation to rival cotton.

The mattress is also going to be a point of concern. Make sure your mattress is soft and provides the right support for a good night's sleep. Preparation for winter should be about maximising comfort for yourselves, and you're not really going to feel any of that comfort if you're being impaled by a mattress spring.

The Windows

Windows may be an issue, especially if they're on the draughty side. In fact, draughts will sap away at the heating in your bedroom, from the windows to under the doors to any other small opening in the bedroom. Once you have found the offending cracks, you need to seal them up with draught strips to keep the room insulated.

You would be surprised how much cold air can get in through the windows alone, so make sure you stock on thick curtains that can keep the heat insulated. Thermal blackout curtains should be the way to go. But even with the extra appliances, you are still going to find yourself with a mildly cold bed. So you could probably do yourself a favour and stock on heating appliances such as a heating pad or an electric blanket.

And though you may scratch your head at this one, a fan is always ideal. So if you're one of those lucky people who has a ceiling fan in their bedroom, turn it on to a low speed and it will cycle the warm air down to you.

The Floor

The floor is also going to be an issue if you have tiles in your bedroom. The last thing you want is to be getting out of bed to an ice-cold tile jolting you awake. So make sure you invest in a nice thick rug that keeps your feet warm. Of course, preparing for winter doesn't have to be just about keeping warm. You can change your room to suit the aesthetic. Perhaps you might invest in some red and white bedsheets or you can decorate your room with candles and fairy lights. Even without giving off heat, they will still give your room a wintery, Christmas vibe.

You'll need to make sure that your radiators are heating to the top. To do that, you'll need to learn how to bleed a radiator. This will apply to all radiators around the house.

The Piping

Now, this tip might not necessarily be meant for the bathroom itself, but it certainly applies to the bathroom. Pipe lagging (insulating your water pipes with foam tubes) can keep the water inside your pipes for much longer, both protecting the pipes against the cold and keeping the water inside hotter for much longer. You'll feel the benefits when taking a hot shower to warm yourself up. With these tips in mind, you're not just protecting yourself against the cold, you're turning your home into a winter haven. It can have a cosy aesthetic to it if you so wish...once you have the right temperature to really appreciate it!

Of course, if you want to spend the winter feeling like royalty, the King of Cotton should be your port of call. Whether you're after goose feather down duvets, cotton bedspreads and throws, or cotton duvets, they will have everything you need to settle into a luxurious Winter home.