Add a splash of colour

Repainting the room will instantly change the atmosphere. If the current colour of the walls is dull, dark or outdated then a lick of paint will brighten the room and bring it to life. Gravitating towards pale and neutral shades will freshen up the room and will make dressing the room easier as you won't necessarily have to stick to a colour scheme.

Colourful curtains

Hanging some brightly coloured or patterned curtains will add a pop of colour to a lifeless room and liven up space.

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Colourful bedsheets

Having a couple of sets of colourful or patterned bed sheets which can be switched up as and when a change is fancied will give the room a whole new feel and burst of colour. You can choose to go bright and bold, simple and neutral or somewhere in between with our 100% cotton candy quilted bedspread pictured below.


A mirror has the ability to really open up a room and give the illusion of more space. As well as obvious purposes, mirrors can add a touch of fun to the room - with plenty of children's mirrors in a variety of shapes or coloured frames available, a basic mirror can become a fun feature.

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One of the simplest ways to freshen up your room is to simply declutter it! If you're fed up of constantly picking up toy parts and pencils scattered across the floor then why not revamp any old jars or tins you have lying around the house to create a fun storage system?

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Wall hooks

If storage space is an issue, hang your favourite clothing pieces or bulkiest items like bathrobes and coats on wall hooks. As well as being practical, it can liven up a blank space on the wall and throw in some colour - which can always be switched up if you fancy a change.

Get creative

Having some artwork on the walls not only gives the room personality but gives your children the opportunity to get creative and proudly display their painting for everyone to see. Bland walls can instantly be brightened up with splashes of colour cheaply and hassle-free (with the exception of little paint-covered hands!).

Soft toys

No children's room is complete without a cuddly toy (or many cuddly toys!). We have a whole selection of little characters for you to choose from to add some friendly faces to your child's bedroom.