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Bedtime can be hard for kids, but you can make the whole process as painless as possible by providing them with a relaxing and comfortable bed with luxuriously soft bedding. Even the most stubborn kids will be encouraged to snuggle up and go to sleep! Why not browse our selection of crisp, fresh Egyptian cotton bedding in junior sizes to create a gorgeously comfy bed that they'll love to cuddle up in with their favourite stuffed animals.

Even more important than soft and cosy sheets, is choosing bedding that will help your kids stay happy and healthy. That's why the most important part of our luxury bedding collection is our range of high quality, anti-allergen pillows and duvets. Super soft and designed to feel just like a traditional down duvet, these high-tech bedding options are actually made from carefully formulated microfibre to protect against common allergy triggers.

Dust mites are one of the most common allergens your kids will be exposed to in the home. These tiny creatures can trigger year-round hayfever-like symptoms or even asthma. That's why we've carefully selected a range of hypo-allergenic options to provide great protection for kids' beds and cots.