Oasis Blanket

Oasis Blanket

200TC Cooling finish Bed Linen

200TC Cooling finish Bed Linen

Cable-knit Cotton Weighted Blanket

Experience the transformative power of our premium cotton cable knit weighted blanket. Designed for ultimate comfort, it utilizes the science of deep pressure stimulation, which involves evenly distributed weight across your body, releasing serotonin and melatonin for relaxation and better sleep. Reduce anxiety, stress, and restlessness.

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Crafted with high-quality, breathable materials with 100% cotton filled with PLA  (polylactide)

Considered to be the most promising sustainable biopolymer currently available, as it is uniquely 100% renewable, biosourced, and biodegradable. PLA is derived from lactic acid produced by sugar cane or corn by fermenting dextrose.

it offers luxurious comfort and style. Available in a soothing ivory colour to match any décor.


One Size: 120 x 185 cms.

Weight: 7kg