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9 Clever Halloween costumes using bed sheets, Bedsheet Costumes | King of Cotton

9 Incredibly Clever Halloween Costumes You Can Make With A Bed Sheet.

If youíre short of time this Halloween and like the feeling of cotton next to your skin (and who doesnít?) then why not grab a bed sheet and turn it into a costume? Donít worry, you donít have to dress as a ghost: there are plenty of more creative options if youíve got a little time and a few different colours to choose from.

Here are 9 of the very best costumes you can make with bed sheets.

The Statue of Liberty

Making a homemade Lady Liberty costume couldnít be easier. Simply take a green sheet and wrap it around your body, then take the ends and safety pin them together over your shoulder. To make the headdress, cut a piece of green foam to fit your head, and the torch can be made by rolling some thin green card into a tube and filling it with yellow and orange tissue paper. Piece of cake!

Princess Leia

This adorable Princess Leia costume is a little more complicated than the Lady Liberty design as youíll need to add a few stitches or pins to create arms for the costume and add a pillowcase for the hood, but on the whole itís not too tricky. If you want to give it a try, hereís a really great tutorial by a craft website owner called Melissa. You can simply scale it up to create an adult costume.

A Bishop

To create a bishop costume, get a volunteer and drape a white sheet over their body as if your volunteer were a ghost. Mark where their head touches the top of the sheet and cut a hole to fit their head. Draw sleeves on the resulting poncho and cut them out, roughly stitching up the sides. Decorate the garment with crosses and add finishing touches by following this excellent tutorial.


To turn yourself- or your kids- into mummies, all you have to do is find an old white sheet and cut it into long strips. Put on a white top and white leggings to preserve your modesty if the Ďbandagesí start to unravel (!) and then get creative by winding the fabric strips around your head, body and legs until you look the part. Some fake blood can add a great finishing- and creepy- touch.

Greek/Roman Toga

All you need to transform yourself into an ancient Greek or Roman is a white sheet and some gold braided rope or ribbon. You start by crossing the sheet behind your back, and then you take the two corners and tie them over your shoulder before belting the resulting toga with the gold rope. Thereís a fantastic YouTube video tutorial here.

Weeping Angel (Doctor Who)

If youíre a fan of Doctor Who, youíll recognize these creepy bad guys. The weeping angels look like statues but are in fact scary alien life forms who send their victims back in time! To make your very own weeping angel costume, youíll need a large grey sheet, two grey pillowcases, a length of hosepipe (yes, really) and some angel wings from a fancy dress store. You can access a tutorial here.

Little Red Riding Hood

If you have a red sheet, you can make a wonderful long, red, hooded cloak that- combined with a shop bought wicker basket and a simple dress- makes a fantastic Little Red Riding Hood costume. If you have a friend who is willing to dress as a hungry wolf youíve got a perfect duo costume too. Hereís a straightforward tutorial showing how to make the sheet fabric into a cloak.


These clever costumes are even better if you use Egyptian cotton sheets (just kidding!). All you need to transform yourself- or your kids- into ancient Egyptians are some white sheets, coloured sticky back plastic for the neck decorations, some curtain ties for belts and tea towels for head dresses. Just copy the designs in this photo for great results every time.


If you have a red sheet and you happen to be a guy, itís probably best to go to a party as Marvel superhero Thor rather than Little Red Riding Hood! The sheet will be turned into arm guards and a cape, while your Ďarmourí is constructed some grey cardboard. You can either buy a prop hammer or make one yourself. Thereís a fantastic and easy to follow tutorial here.

Good luck with your Halloween costumes, and donít forget to let us know on facebook how they turned out.facebook

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