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10 Interesting & Fun Facts About Cotton

Egyptian cotton comes from a cotton plant - the tallest cotton plant was recorded
on the 15th July 2011 in Florida USA and measure 32ft or almost 10m.

In 2012 two bank robbers escaped a prison in Chicago USA by
tying together bed sheets, attaching them to bars of their cell and
scaling down 15 floors of the high-rise prison. The bedding rope
measured 200ft and was knotted approx. every 6ft.

The most expensive bed sheets in the world are made by a British company
Charlotte Thomas. The egyptian cotton sheets are a thousand thread
count with 22 carat gold thread woven in to them. They take up to 12 weeks
to make and a pillowcase will set you back £1,200.

Approx. 25million tonnes of cotton are produced each year.

The reason Egyptian cotton is so highly rated above other cottons is down to
the length of the fibres. The fibres of Egyptian Cotton are longer and narrower
than other cottons meaning weavers can achieve up to 1,000 threads per
square inch making the finished woven item lightweight, strong, durable (it
won't pill), more breathable and it gets softer over time the more you use it.

Cotton is used in the production of cotton tips or Q-tips - The
largest structure made entirely from cotton tips was in Germany in
2002. Monika Veidt of Schönebeck made a chair from 61,422
cotton buds. She also made a coffee table and a lamp to match.

At the end of the American Civil War traders who had previously been buying
the superior quality Egyptian cotton, started to buy the cheaper US cotton
known as Prima cotton, resulting in Egypt declaring itself bankrupt in 1876.

Dot Cotton is a character from TV soap EastEnders played by
actress June Brown since 1985. As far as we know she is in no way
affiliated with the Egyptian cotton industry although she did work
in the laundrette so she knows a thing or two about bed spreads.

Possibly the most controversial sheets in the world are those on
the artwork My Bed by Tracey Emin. The artwork features stained
and crumbled bedding surrounded by, amongst other things, dirty
knickers, empty bottles, cigarette packets and slippers. In 2014 the
artwork was sold at auction for an amazing £2.2million.

How to make a corpse bride Halloween costume from bed sheets.


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